South Urals Federal Research Center of Mineralogy and Geoecology of the Urals Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Ilmen State Reserve

The conference, dedicated 100-anniversary Ilmen State Reserve,
100-anniversary with the birthday of academician P.L. Gorchakovskii
and the 70th anniversary mineralogist from the day of birth IN. Polyakova

10-may 13 2020 g.
g. Miass


The Conference will be held 10-may 13 2020 g. in Ilmen Reserve (g. Miass).

The conference will discuss the following issues in the main areas (sections):

1. The world in an infinite variety of minerals.

    • Ilmen mountains: Problems of Geology and Mineralogy.
    • New data on minerals and new mineral.
    • Mineralogical collection of museums: preservation, study and popularization.
    • The unity of living and inert mineral world.
    • Ilmen Mountains - site for geological field practice for students.

2. Biological diversity in a changing world.

    • Dynamics of biodiversity under the influence of natural and anthropogenic factors;
    • biological invasions;
    • Biomonitoring and bioindication;
    • The study and conservation of rare species;
    • Information technologies and methods for the study of biodiversity.

The conference is planned to hold a round table "Protected areas and natural science museums». issues to be discussed:

    • Problems of environmental education and the conservation of natural complexes.
    • Museums and modern technology.


Oral sessions will be held in accordance with the main directions of the conference. Will also be presented summary reports by the Organizing Committee invited lectures by leading scientists.

Order of the conference:

10 May - arrival and registration of participants, tours;

11-may 13 - plenary and sectional reports.

Abstracts will not be published. Upon completion of the conference will be published COLLECTION OF MATERIALS HELD REPORTS (as articles). Selected papers will be published in a special issue of "Mineralogy" (HAC list).

ARRANGEMENT FEE 1000 rub., For students 500 rub.

REGISTRATION FORM Please send no later than 1 December 2019 g. by e-mail:

Address the conference on the Internet:

Please inform the conference of all interested colleagues.

ORGANIZING COMMITTEE ADDRESS: 456317, Chelyabinsk region., g. Miass, Ilmen reserve


Secretary: Novokreshchenova Ludmila B. (wire. 8-3513-59-18-48).

P.L. Gorchakovskii

academician Pavel Leonidovich Gorchakovskii - an outstanding Russian geobotanist, Professor, Honored Scientist of the RSFSR. He led for nearly 30 s Laboratory of Botany (currently Biodiversity Laboratory of flora and microbiota) Institute of Ecology of Plants and Animals, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Author of more than 400 publications, including 12 monographs on Geobotany, plant ecology, historical phytogeography fauna of the Urals and its protection.
AT 1950 g. organized by the Sverdlovsk branch of the All-Union Botanical Society (Now - Russian Botanical Society) and he became its first chairman
Created to work actively in the Urals and beyond school nerds-fitoekologov, among his immediate disciples - 14 Doctors and more 50 Ph.D., including those currently working in the Ilmen Reserve.
In honor of Pavel Leonidovich named one of the pinnacles of the Circumpolar Urals - Mount Gorchakovskii and several plant species.

IN. Poles

Poles Vladislav O. - geologist-geohimik, true seeker and test minerals, I came to work in the Ilmen reserve in 1973 city, immediately after the end of the Novosibirsk State University. for 20 years he published about 140 works on Mineralogy Ilmen mountains and cherry, found 40 previously unknown in the minerals ilmenite, opened two new mineral (Makarochkin and chromium-magnesium analogue chevkinite), in collaboration described six new minerals.
AT 1982 g. He defended his thesis on "Mineralogy and genesis amazonite pegmatites Ilmeny". TO 1990 g. Vladislav O. almost finished writing his doctoral dissertation, and only a high workload as head of the Laboratory of Mineralogy general distracted him from the topic of the completion of the minerals of rare metals and rare earths.
Vladislav O. always stressed, that the Ilmen Mountains - a reference object, in Nature Museum.
Nature was preparing for his great deeds, but fate was interrupted halfway exciting and productive route to the unknown. Vladislav O. died tragically 13 September 1993 city, aged 43 years old. In his honor it was named the new mineral Polyakova, registered VA. Popov in 2000 g.

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  • Направление 1. «Мир минералов в бесконечном разнообразии» Елена Владимировна Медведева
  • Направление 2. «Биологическое разнообразие в меняющемся мире» Владимир Петрович Снитько
  • Круглый стол «Заповедные территории и естественнонаучные музеи» Елена Владимировна Медведева

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Russian reserves. Ilmen reserve

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