Information System MSC
center location shared (CKP):

federal district: Uralian
Region: Chelyabinsk district
456317, g. Miass, Ilmen reserve

Year Established JUC: 2004

Head of CCU: Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, docent:
Valery Udachin
+7(3513)298098 ext. 214, 294

Site CLC:

analyzes The contact person

Chemical and spectral methods (mass spectrometry with inductively- coupled plasma, Atomic spectroscopy absorbtsionnaya)

Form for submitting applications for chemical analyzes

Svirenko M. C.

+7(3513)298098 ext. 306, 308

Nuclear Methods (x ray diffraction analysis, electron microscopy)

Hvorov P.V.

+7(3513)298098 ext. 105

Kotlyarov VA.

+7(3513)298098 dob.416

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