The exhibition "Undisturbed Russia. South Ural "in Miass

Hits wildlife

AT 2015 he took a National Festival of Nature "Undisturbed Russia" in Moscow. Photo exhibition, which took place during the festival in the Central House of Artists, It caused a real stir. She was recognized as the most popular in the capital and broke all attendance records: this month it attended by more than 180 thousand. person. In the sensational exhibition of the best photographs of nature Russia demonstrated 14 works of ten authors of the South Ural, selected from 200 submitted for review.
It is these images became the basis of the Chelyabinsk Exhibition "Undisturbed Russia. Southern Urals", on which 30 South Ural-landscape photographers presented the best pictures of wildlife of the South Urals.
The exhibition tells the story of our favorite places - national parks and Taganay Zyuratkul, mountaintops - Iremel, İtsıl, Urenga, of the most beautiful rivers and lakes of the South Urals. A plurality of rare animals, birds and insects photographed by photo artists in their natural environment.
so, We invite you to take a trip around the diverse and fascinates with its beauty the natural world of the Southern Urals, without leaving the museum. Only wildlife, no traces of human activity and. You do not need to travel hundreds of kilometers by train or car and climb on foot to the mountain peaks - the beauty of a diverse nature of our region filmed with a digital camera and the focus here, in our rooms.
The exhibition will delight visitors with 28 December 2019 g. by 20 February 2020 g.
The grand opening will take place 5 January 12-00. Entrance to the free opening, in the next few days bought a ticket to the museum.
To get to the museum you can Ilmen Reserve taxi number 39 or bus number 8

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