The exhibition "Shutter 35" – to the anniversary of Michael Trachtenberg

1 November 2019 at the Natural Science Museum Ilmen Reserve a solo exhibition of Russian Photographers Union member Michael Trachtenberg.

The exhibition "Exposure 35" is dedicated to the anniversary of Mikhail Trakhtenberg. Everything 35 photos, presented at the exhibition, have been made exclusively in the last five years. Spectators will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Ural landscapes and landscapes from other parts of our country. The pictures show corners of wild nature of stunning beauty, Mountain peaks, wild poppies, Taganay pines and Zyuratkul boats ...
The exhibition is a wonderful gift for the guests of the museum, who will certainly delight in the delightful pictures of Russian nature, caught in the lens and captured by a talented photo artist.
The grand opening of the exhibition will take place 1 November in 15-00. Entrance to the free opening, in the next few days bought a ticket to the museum.
The Exposure 35 exhibition will continue until 22 December. To get to the museum you can Ilmen Reserve taxi number 39 or by bus no. 8.

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