Geoarchaeology arheologicheskaya and mineralogy - 2019. Live broadcast

All-Russian Youth Scientific School "Geoarchaeology archaeological and mineralogy - 2019" will be held from September 16-21, 2019 g. c d. Miass, Institute of Mineralogy FNTS MiG UB RAS.
The school is devoted to the use of geological data, mineralogy and other sciences for the purposes of archeology.
The purpose of the School - acquaintance of students and graduate students with modern methods of mineralogical and geochemical studies of minerals and ancient paleometallurgii, practice search and study of ancient mines.
The school is designed to coordinate and improve the efficiency of multi-level academic training in archeology and geology, the formation of creative links between young people of different universities and scientific organizations of the geological and archaeological profile of Russia and foreign countries and attract capable people into science. School is organized by the Institute of Mineralogy of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, South Ural State University and Ilmen branch of the Russian Mineralogical Society.

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