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The other day at the Museum of the Ilmen Reserve exhibition of jewelry made of stone, "Children's fantasy in stone and metal" (Children's art school № 4 g. Miass) replenished with new exhibits.
For more than 20 years old, under the leadership of Vladimir Maximov Antonovich, children learn the art of stone-cutting and jewelery, create masterpieces. They repeatedly became winners of regional competitions of jewelry.
Among the exhibits - original hryvnia, rings, diademы, pendants, souvenirs, and, carved from stone, animal figurines.
We wish the team further success!We invite researchers, teachers, graduate students and students to participate in the seminar "National SUBSCRIPTION: Science Citation Index Scopus and full-text database ScienceDirect », That will take place 23 November 2018 g. at 10:45 (a conference hall of the Institute of Mineralogy). During the seminar will address the information and analytic resources Scopus and ScienceDirect, available at the Institute of Mineralogy, procedures for their effective use in scientific work.
Download Workshop presentation materials.
Look seminar broadcast recording.

[ 8/2/2019 ] "Children's fantasy in stone and metal"
[ 20/11/2018 ] Ceminar
[ 1/11/2018 ] A film about the Ilmen Reserve
on the channel “However, the Russian Federation” released film of Ilmen Reserve.
[ 31/10/2018 ] As the museum has helped the regional competition of pedagogical skills

24 October 2018 at Ilmen Nature Reserve was held informative tour for the participants of the Regional Command of the contest of pedagogical skills “Planet PROS”, founded by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Chelyabinsk region. The event was held as one of the stages of the competition “Establish and virtual tour”. According to the participants, it was a pleasant surprise for them, tk. the tour was interesting and allowed to learn a lot of information about native land.

[ 11/9/2018 ] Health Day Ilmen Reserve

7 September 2018 g. in Ilmen Reserve held Health Day. It was attended by members IGZ, Institute of Mineralogy and invited guests.
The festival program included “merry starts” and a friendly tea party.
Michael Stenberg, Researcher Yimin, kindly provided us with photos of holiday. View them on our page, you can Vk –

[19/7/2018 ] Intellectual quest in the Museum of the Ilmen Reserve

Tired of sitting at home? Looking for a new adventure? Then come to us!
For the first time Ilmensky reserve museum offers a fascinating quest "Secrets of museum exhibits".
At your disposal all the halls of the museum! You get a lot of positive emotions! solve puzzles, logical problems! Be the best!
Quest is carried out strictly by appointment. For information call. 8(3513)59-18-48.
More information is available on our website:

[ 17/4/2018 ] "Ecology from A to Z"

Under this name over the weekend at the Museum of the Ilmen Reserve held ecological holiday. Such events on a variety of topics has become a tradition. On three floors of the museum is home 12 sites. Scientists spoke about the reserves of the Urals, environmental issues of wildlife, the role of plants in an urban environment, mineralogy technogenesis. Children and adults with pleasure participate in the game program "Planet Health? This is in my hands!», We tried to "live" in the form of an animal, by the total weight of the feed just the right. Rebyatnya Master "from the garbage heaps - great stuff", and cleared of debris and Plant for the virtual yard. pleased to note, that the people of Miass and other cities in the region have responded to our invitation. For two days the museum was visited by more than 1,5 thousand. person. Many thanks, positive reviews, Guests participate actively say, that the holiday was a success.

[ 15/2/2018 ] With the first anniversary of your, Chelyabinsk meteorite!

The Museum of the Ilmen Reserve opened a temporary exhibition "Meteors", timed to the fifth anniversary of the fall of the meteorite "Chelyabinsk".
The exhibition presents fragments of meteorites from the private collections of Sergei Vasilievich Kolisnichenko. Its basis constitute samples, he found himself during numerous expeditions across Russia. These are fragments of meteorites "Chelyabinsk", Seymçan, Jaratkulova ', Xaraʙali ', 'Sikhote-Alini', "Ching", «Kunashak" and "Tsarev».
Of particular interest are the fragments of the meteorite "Chelyabinsk" the, that some of them have fresh chips, which show the inner structure a meteorite.

[ 8/2/2018 ] The Council Fathers starts

About tom, that the Federal Council will appear in the Russian fathers, it became known at the end of 2017 of the year. And in January, the Public Chamber (Moscow) the first meeting of the Board.
The composition of the new collection includes six dozen fathers from different regions of the country. From Miass in the work of the Council was attended by Alexey Rogoznikov - Programmer, Ilmen Reserve Officer, father of four children. Alex became a member of the Presidium of the Federal Council and the, he returned to his hometown, He began work on the creation of the Council Fathers in Miass.
As part of the meeting, the participants discussed a lot of questions. They talked about family support challenges, have lost one of their parents; help children, find themselves in an unfavorable environment; threats, which may be for the formation of the personality of the child TV and Internet; of health and population policies, and much more.

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