The first meeting of the Council of young scientists USP FNTS MiG UB RAS

Dear Young Scientists Council member colleagues USP FNTS MiG UB RAS!

07 June 2019 year 10-00 the first meeting of SMU USP FNTS MiG UB RAS.
Venue - conference hall of the Institute of Mineralogy OP.

agenda of the meeting:

  1. General information about SMU USP FNTS MiG UB RAS, SMU meeting regulations.
  2. On the Regulation of SMU Federal state budgetary scientific institutions of South Ural Federal Scientific Center of mineralogy and geo-ecology of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
  3. The establishment and functioning of the cell SGA (Urals chapter, NAMES-IgG Uro RAN).
  4. miscellanea.

respectfully,chairman of the SMU USP FNTS MiG UB RAS,k.g.m.n. N.N. Ankusheva.

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