The first meeting of the Joint Scientific Council

dear Colleagues!

04 June 2019 year 10-00 the first meeting of the Joint Scientific Council.
Location – office manager of a separate division of the Institute of Mineralogy
(that. 214, 2 floor laboratory building).

agenda of the meeting:

1. Approval of programs and plans for field work field season 2019 of the year. The reports of the heads.
2. Approval of "Annals of Nature" for the report 2018 year. The report of the head of a separate division Ilmen State Reserve Tschaschina OE. (The text of the report is available from the Secretary IGZ in room. 204).
3. miscellanea.
3.1. On the Regulation of the Joint Academic Council of the Federal State budget institution of science South Ural Federal Scientific Center of mineralogy and geo-ecology of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
3.2. On the Regulation of the examination materials, designed to open publication.

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