Photo exhibition "Landscape Dramaturgy"

On Friday, 30 April 2021 g. the Natural Science Museum of the Ilmensky Reserve will host the opening of the photo exhibition "Landscape Dramaturgy". Its author Eduard Kutygin has traveled half the world in search of successful shots and now shares his best works with us..
The photographer gives soul to the elements of nature: the mountains, rivers, clouds, trees and, as it were, communicates with them on an equal footing. He calls his work "visual poetry". "The sky can talk to the sea, clouds can play with the river ", - says Edward. - Sure, this is not a play in two acts, but, rather, miniature. She is fleeting, like a japanese three-line. I shoot the fleeting states of nature in a short moment of photo exposure. Hopefully, that the flat image of the space of photography becomes not only three-dimensional, it becomes alive ".
In his pictures, the Earth is beautiful always and everywhere - be it a potato field in the Sverdlovsk region, waterfall in the south american jungle, or an abandoned village in the mountains of Dagestan. Most of these pictures are a hymn to Nature, where a riot of colors sometimes rolls over, and the angles, from which many shootings were made, will puzzle the most experienced climber and stuntman.
WITH 30 April, for almost two months, these works can be seen in the museum of the Ilmensky Reserve. See and be convinced, that the exhibition of Eduard Kutygin is his declaration of love for forests and fields, rivers and mountains, deserts and seas. And not a timid confession in a half-whisper, a loud cry: “Nature is beautiful! Take a look around and feel its beauty!»
The exhibition "Landscape Dramaturgy" is provided by the Regional State Budgetary Institution of Culture "State Historical Museum of the South Urals".

The opening of the exhibition will take place 30 April in 14-00 hours. Entrance to the free opening, in the next few days bought a ticket to the museum. The exhibition will continue until 23 June.

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