Chelyabinsk scientists have established the age of the Yamal mammoth

Scientist from Miass, Chelyabinsk region, determined the age and time of death of the mammoth, which was found in july 2020 years near a lake in Yamal. A researcher told URA.RU about it South Ural Federal Scientific Center for Mineralogy and Geoecology Sergey Sadykov.

“I had the tooth and hair of an ancient animal at my disposal, by which, using radiocarbon analysis, it was established, what is the mammoth about 20 years old. He died of order 20 thousand years ago ", - said URA.RU candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences Sadykov. According to the scientist, the radiocarbon method is quite accurate, the error is only a few decades, which, in comparison with the age of the find, is not critical.

“The remains of such a plan are very rare. The age of the animal was determined by its morphology, that is, the size of bones and teeth. The exact data will be ready in the second half of this year., when scientists put together all their research ", - added Sadykov. According to the scientist, the mammoth is well preserved thanks to the permafrost, but the layer of earth broke off some time ago and fell into the lake…

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Addition 1.

The remains of a mammoth are studied in the laboratory of Miass

Laboratory staff in Miass study an ancient mammoth. In their hands were the unique remains of the animal, found in July last year by a lake in the Yamal region.

Mammoth bones and wool were sent to laboratories in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Pushchino and Miassa. South Ural scientists got a third of the tooth to study.

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Addition 2.

Using the carbon analysis method, we have established, that the animal died 20 thousand years ago.

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