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dear Colleagues,
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!!
May the New Year bring you only the planned results and only pleasant surprises!

By tradition, we inform you about new publications of the Channel for October - December 2020 city:

Subject: Seminar "IT and innovation in mining "

1. Planning and dispatching mining operations using the MineRP integration platform. IBM

2. Automation of production processes for drilling and blasting operations using GGIS Micromine. Evgeny Yashkov

3. New system features “Micromine”, Evgeniya Shulga, Head of Development Department, GGIS Micromine, Ltd “Micromine Rus”

4. Radar sounding technology – direct method of finding minerals. Avanyan Eduard Alexandrovich,

TOconference on physical and chemical geotechnologies-2020

1. Mineral resource base of solid minerals, suitable for mastering by FHG methods. Mashkovtsev G.A..

2. Artificial deposits and the possibility of their creation. Conclusions and perspectives. Plechov Pavel Yurievich

3. New directions in the development of biohydrometallurgy. Bulaev A.G.. “Fundamentals of Biotechnology”

4. Prospects for the development of physical and chemical geotechnology in Russia. Surin SD, OOO Gazprom-Geotechnology

5. Biohydrometallurgy. Variety of microorganisms, used in biohydrometallurgy. Bulaev A.G..

6. Basic Principles of Rapid Activated Heap Leaching of Gold. Rubtsov Yuri Ivanovich

7. Year-round heap leaching of gold in the cryptozone. Shumilova Lidia Vladimirovna and others.

8. Physico-chemical geotechnology. L. V. Shumilova's report “Method for heap leaching intensification…

9. Global economic trends and technology development. Aganbegyan Abel Gezevich, RAS Academician

User Conference Micromine-2020

1. The problems of adapting block models to the requirements of the State Reserves Committee. P.P. Kushnarev, Ltd “Goose Minerals”

2. Implementation of a mining and geological information system. Basov Anton Konstantinovich, Ltd “Ruscdragmet”

3. Experience in creating MICROMINE models with small dimensions of the mother unit. Sevryugin A.N., “Russdragmet”

4. Micromine 2021 lifts the curtain. Evgeniya Shulga. Speech at the User Conference

5. Use of mobile laser scanners with post-processing in Micromine. A. Abramov, Ю.Макаров

6. Online update of the operational block model using conditional modeling GV Gold

7. Establishing interaction between MICROMINE and the Vernadsky Geological Museum. Farkhutdinov I.M.

8. Work experience of ALROSA in MICROMINE. From manual drilling to automatic. Dobranevskaya Aigul

9. Experience in training mining design engineers at ZabGU. Manikovsky Pavel Mikhailovich

10. Optimization of open pit transport in a coal mine using a script in GGIS Micromine

11. Experience in the implementation of automated control systems at the enterprises of PJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel. Tsybasova Anna Alexandrovna

VII Congress of Russian miners

1. Congress of miners of Russia: the main thing!

2. The importance of certain minerals for the Russian military-industrial complex. Mikhailov Yuri Mikhailovich, Chairman of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Military Industrial Complex of the Russian Federation, RAS Academician.

3. Report of the General Director of the Non-Profit Partnership “Miners of Russia” Alexander Petrovich Verzhansky.

4. Udokan field development project. Kazikaev Valery Dzhekovich, Ltd “BGK

5. The role of the Academy of Mining Sciences in transforming the mining industry. Malyshev Yuri Nikolaevich, President of the Academy of Mining Sciences, RAS Academician.

6. Mining problems in the Urals. Glebov Andrey Valerievich, Institute of Mining, Ural Branch of RAS,

7. Subsoil use working group report, land use, urban planning. Verzhanskaya N.D.

8. VII Congress of Russian miners: The situation in the mining industry. Verzhansky Alexander Petrovich, Director General of NP “Miners of Russia”.

Mining Forum MINEX-2020

1. 16-1st Mining and Geological Forum MINEX. Competition “Russian Mining Award”. Awarding of laureates

2. Impact of the pandemic mining companies. Alexey Nesterenko, Director, KPMG Operations Consulting Group

3. Implementation of digital tools to improve operational efficiency of production at Norilsk Nickel. Vladimir Alexandrovich Trapezin

4. Operating efficiency lessons learned. Egor Vladimirovich Maslov, Highland Gold Mining

5. How to engage in company transformation 50 thousand people? Vladimir Zaluzhsky, Severstal

6. Planning to develop - work in a civilized manner! Sergey Borisovich Nikishichev, IMC Amount, Director

7. Russian geological, mining and metallurgical industries - life in new realities. Moderators: Mikhail Ivanovich Leskov, Alexander Nikolaevich Lopatnikov.

8. Openness to technological transformations in the mining industry – foundation of world prosperity. Andrew Birch, CEO Micromine.

9. Digitization of the mining industry: what new have we learned and what are the trends? David Pearce, SRK Consulting (Russia) Ltd.

10. Blockchain in mining: What's new? Tatiana Matveeva, Camnie Chane Ltd., Director

11. “Technological breakthrough”: transition from basic automation to digital control of production processes. Trapezin Vladimir Alexandrovich, “MMC “Norilsk Nickel”.

12. Autonomous quarry transport: challenges and benefits? Nikolay Alexandrovich Godunov, Sales Director in Russia and CIS countries of VIST, Company group “Numeral”

13. The digital mine of the future. Automation of underground equipment. Dmitry Minaev, CIS Automation Director Sandvik

14. "Rocky deep" – the first autonomous mine of Norilsk Nickel Vadim Mikhailovich Naftal, Head of Industrial Automation and Metrology Department of Information Technologies Department of PJSC “MMC “Norilsk Nickel”.

15. Development of "digital" competencies of personnel, how to support the transformation of business and production. Daria Kryachkova, Norilsk Nickel, Vice President for HR Policy

16. The role of digital mines in ensuring the operational efficiency of a mining and metallurgical company. Robert Farish, IDC, vice president

17. II International Mining Documentary Film Festival mineMovie-2020. Awarding of laureates

II. Spectator choice.
10 rollers, which aroused the greatest interest of viewers over the past six months (by the criterion of the number of views):

1. Ultralight aircraft for geologists and miners. Conversation with Chief Designer Viktor Khribkov.

2. Perevalnoe marble deposit. The Republic of Dagestan.

3. Light aircraft for geologists and miners. Conversation with the Chief Designer.

4. Helicopter R-34 for geologists and miners. Conversation with Chief Designer V.K. Khribkov.

5. Ural gold. Overview of gold deposits in the Urals. Prokin VA.

6. Vadim Tumanov about gold mining. Round table in the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

7. Meteorites. Fersman Mineralogical Museum of RAS.

8. Prospects for gold prospecting in the Urals. V.V. Dyakonov, RUDN.

9. Ural gems. Russian Brazil. Visiting Sergey Kolisnichenko.

10. petrology. Lecture 1 Pavla Plechova. Magma and igneous melts.

* (For, to find any of the listed videos, just type its name in the search bar of the video hosting www.YTheuTube.com).

III. Season opening
Best Movies, published in the last six months (viewer's choice):
1. Physical properties of minerals. Fersman Mineralogical Museum. M.E. Generalov, Chief Guardian.

2. Geology of Bashkortostan. By Iskhak Farkhutdinov, BashGU. Ufa
3. Norilsk Nickel. Technological breakthrough. Film-winner of the MineMovie-2020 Festival

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