The Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia has developed a new Procedure for maintaining a cadastre of protected areas

The new Procedure for maintaining the cadastre of protected areas will contribute to the effective implementation of state policy in the field of protected areas and information support of tasks, biodiversity-related, development of the PA system and improvement of management efficiency in this area.

From the moment the order enters into force, preparation and presentation of primary data on protected areas will become much more convenient, first of all, for institutions and executive authorities, managing protected areas. The new Procedure for maintaining the cadastre of protected areas provides clear instructions on the content and format of cadastral information, which are unambiguously interpreted and the implementation of which is significantly simplified. The wording in the cadastral forms is in accordance with the terms and definitions, adopted by the current legislation, international treaties and programs.

Moreover, Considering, that at present the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia has begun to develop a multifunctional information system for the management of protected areas, in the near future, it will be possible to transfer the cadastre of protected areas to a digital basis to form a unified automated system for accounting for protected areas of different levels. This, in turn, will help prevent the emergence of subjective information and assessments.. Cadastre work will become more systematic. This will allow you to receive timely information on various aspects of the protected areas and create the necessary basis for assessing the effectiveness of the protected area system., as one of the main components of the environmental safety system of the Russian Federation.

Digitalization of information about protected areas will significantly simplify the consideration of issues, territorial planning, including the issues of agreeing on the sites for the selection of sites for subsoil use, planning of linear objects and other economic use. For business entities information, cadastre, will be of paramount importance for proper planning of socio-economic activities. Information of the section "Register of protected areas" will be updated annually. In general, the cadastre of protected areas will become a public resource.

The document was developed by the Department of State Policy and Regulation in the Sphere of Development of Protected Areas and the Baikal Natural Territory and the Federal Reserve Center of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia.

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