VII All-Russian Scientific Conference "Geoarcheology and Archaeological Mineralogy-2020"

WITH 19 by 20 October 2020 g. at the Institute of Mineralogy, Yu.U. FNTS MiG, UB RAS (g. Miass) the VII All-Russian Scientific Conference "Geoarcheology and Archaeological Mineralogy-2020". The conference was organized by employees of the South Ural Federal Scientific Center for Mineralogy and Geoecology of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (g. Miass) and South Ural State Humanitarian Pedagogical University (g. Chelyabinsk). The conference is named after the famous Russian scientist, honored scientist, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences V.V.. Zaikov - the founder of geoarchaeological research in the Urals. She is the direct heir of the youth scientific schools "Geoarcheology", which were consistently carried out with 2014 g. This year, due to the current epidemiological situation, it was decided to hold the conference online.
The main task of the conference is the formation of creative ties between scientific organizations of the geological and archaeological profile. The conference discussed the use of methods, developed in geology, in geophysics, in geochemistry, in mineralogy, in petrography, etc.. to explore a variety of archaeological sites.
At the conference "Geoarcheology and Archaeological Mineralogy-2020" were heard and discussed 33 researchers report, of 21 scientific and university organizations in Russia and the near abroad.
The first part of the reports was devoted to topical problems of geoarcheology - the knowledge and analysis of economic ties in antiquity, a combination of technological tradition and innovation in a historical perspective. In the second part of the conference, the natural scientific methods of researching archaeological objects and, Firstly, isotopic. The following sections were devoted to studies of the development of the mineral resource base of ancient societies, identifying the features of paleoceramic production and methods of processing stone material. Ancient metallurgical complexes were characterized separately, as well as products of metallurgical processing and metalworking. In the last section, the results of the application of GIS technologies were collected, intended for the search and study of archaeological sites.
All conference materials are collected in a printed collection (the electronic version is available on the conference website). Moreover, later it is planned to publish extended abstracts in the English-language collection of conference materials, indexed in the international database Web of Science (Springer Publishing).
Over the years of the conference, about 400 students and scientists from universities and institutes of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, USA. Detailed information about the VII All-Russian Scientific Conference "Geoarcheology and Archaeological Mineralogy - 2020" can be found on the official website of the Institute of Mineralogy, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences at: = 121. Here, in the "Archive" section, contains data on previous Schools (theses, presentations, video recordings of performances).

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