On the activities of the South Federal Research Center MiG Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the context of preventing the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) on the territory of the Russian Federation. ORDER 09.10.2020 № 61 / Osn.

In order to further ensure compliance with measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection and taking into account the sanitary-
epidemiological situation in the Chelyabinsk region and in the city of Miass
1. Extend the order from 02.10.2020 № 59 / Osn. by 18.10.2020.
2. To ensure scientific activity, including performance of work on the equipment of the collective use center, work execution, continuous cycle of experiments, works on fulfillment of contractual obligations with backbone mining enterprises, ensuring continuous technological and other processes, administrative and economic and planning and financial activities to determine the number of employees ensuring the functioning of the organization:
– Administrative and managerial apparatus, administrative service, information technology department in quantity 29 person;
– Separate subdivision - Institute of Mineralogy in quantity 37 man;
– Separate subdivision - Ilmensky state reserve in quantity 9 person.
2.1. Heads of separate and structural divisions to notify employees about the change in their mode of work.
2.2. In case of emergency, admission to work of employees, operating remotely, possible by agreement with the heads of separate and structural divisions.
2.3. To oblige employees to strictly observe sanitary and epidemiological measures: wearing personal protective equipment, regular measurement of body temperature, use of antiseptics, ventilation of premises, observance of social distance.
3. Heads of separate and structural divisions, until the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection stabilizes, ensure monitoring of the incidence of ARVI workers of any etiology, including their families. Regularly monitor and immediately send employees to medical facilities, arriving at work with signs of respiratory illness (cough, runny nose, increased body temperature, chest pain, dyspnea). Immediately report this in the form of a memo addressed to the director.
4. I control the execution of this order.

Deputy Director for Research, p / p E.V.. Belogub

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