The online project "Ilmensky Starfall. Retrospective "as part of 44 All-Russian Ilmensky festival

Проект реализован Фондом Олега Митяева при поддержке Фонда Президентских грантов и Institute of Mineralogy.

WITH 3 by 23 July in thirteen popular public pages of different regions of the country on VKontakte 23 presentations of edited gala concerts “Ilmensky zvezdopad”, festival business card, for the period with 2004 by 2019 gg.

Publics “Typical Chelyabinsk”, “Our Chelyabinsk”, “Peter decides”, “Region-74| Chelyabinsk”, “Typical Nizhny Novgorod”, “I live in Krasnoyarsk”, “|Samara”, “Typical Yekaterinburg”, “Region 116 | Kazan”, “I live in Irkutsk”, “Typical Novosibirsk”, “Tyumen”, “My Ufa” gathered an audience in 303 550 person, of them children and youth – 135 428 person.

Also, the platforms for the shows were the official website of the Ilmen festival and the festival page on VKontakte.

Все видео можно look here

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