23 June - live broadcast of the general meeting of the RAS

23 June 2020 of the year, in one day, for the first time online, general meeting of members of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Invited to participate in more 2000 man - academics, RAS Corresponding Members, RAS professors and guests. Прямая и обратная связь впервые осуществлена с помощью отечественной технологии – партнера РАН российской компании «Интерпроком». Each participant in the general meeting may ask a question orally or in writing..

Прямая трансляция общего собрания проходит на портале «Научная Россия» и our YouTube channel, as well as on the MIA website “Russia today”.

The decision to hold a general meeting online was made at a meeting of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences in connection with the introduction of restrictive measures in the Russian Federation, aimed at counteracting the spread of new coronavirus infection COVID-19.


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