An envelope was sent to mail, dedicated to Ilmensky reserve.

Circulation of postal news - 250 thousand copies.

The envelopes have already arrived at the post offices of the Chelyabinsk region.

The novelty shows a recognizable landmark of the Ilmensky Reserve - the coastal cliff of Lake Big Miassovo, Cape Korablik. The envelope contains a postage sign - letter A - for sending a letter or postcard in it weighing up to 20 grams to any Russian region additional brands will not be required.

Local-themed envelopes come out 3-4 once a year. Release, usually, dedicated to outstanding events, anniversary dates, sights, which the whole world would be interested to know.

“Ilmensky reserve is one of the business cards of the Southern Urals. Releasing postal products, dedicated to local natural resources, we help to look at the Chelyabinsk region from a different angle, open it in a new way for residents of other regions and foreigners. The mail envelope will replenish the collections of philatelists and will be a wonderful souvenir for tourists, visited the South Urals », – noted Director of the Regional Directorate of the Russian Post Vladimir Obraztsov.

Ilmensky reserve is called an open-air museum. It is famous for its rich flora and fauna.. In a small area more than 260 minerals and located 25 lakes.

“This year is the anniversary year for the Ilmensky State Reserve. 14 May one of the oldest in Russia, remarkable in its beauty and unique in its diversity of minerals reserve, candidate for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List turned 100 years old. The exit of the envelope was a gift for the scientific community., and for all lovers of the beauty of the Southern Urals ", – said the head of the Ilmensky state reserve of the South Federal Research Center of MiG UB RAS Olga Chashchina.

Information sheet

UFPS of the Chelyabinsk region provides postal services to the population of the South Urals. Includes 716 post offices and workforce more than 7 000 person.

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