14 May 2020 city, On the day of the 100th anniversary of the Ilmensky State Reserve, a video conference "SCIENCE, NATURE AND SOCIETY »

14 May 2020 g. videoconference was successful
100-anniversary of the Ilmen State Reserve,
100-anniversary of the birth of Academician PL. Gorchakovsky and
70-anniversary of the mineralogue V.O.. Polyakova.

The online meeting program included 14 presentation reports with soundtrack (offscreen text), videos, as well as presentations, voiced in real time, через звонок в программе Skype.
Программа состоявшейся видеоконференции доступна на сайте конференции https://meetings.chelscience.ru/igz100years/?page_id=65.

In parallel with the broadcast, a live chat was organized to discuss reports and answer questions..
Live broadcasting was very popular., what are the connections talking about 127 unique IP addresses and more 170 site accesses from 18 Russian regions.

The conference was opened by welcoming remarks by the Chairman of the Program Committee, Dr. med.. VN. Udachina; Program Committee Co-Chair. OE. Chashchina; academician of RAS, Vice President of the Russian Geographical Society A.A. Chibyl; academician of RAS VN. Bolshakova.

A real decoration of the conference was a lecture by the Laureate of the Demidov Prize for his outstanding contribution to the study of the steppes of Eurasia and the development of the theory and practice of nature conservation in Russia, academician of RAS, Vice President of the Russian Geographical Society A.A.. Chibyl "Reserved Russia: the origins, modernity, future: view of the geographer.

In the section "The world in an infinite variety of minerals"Reports were presented on modern geological research in the territory of the Ilmensky reserve, historical information and facts are given, world renowned for ilmen minerals, as well as the report of Dr. med.. VA. Popova "Discussions about the mineral nature of biological objects", revealing the philosophical aspects of the issue about the unity of the living and the inert in our infinitely changing world. Information about the current state of geological research is largely controversial and does not have a single evolutionary concept, which indicates the difficulty of understanding the territory of the Ilmensky reserve, as a geological object.

Section "Biological diversity in a changing world"Opened a review report Ph.D.. OE. Chashchina "Fundamental and Applied Biological Research in Ilmen". The section reports presented the results of the study of background and rare species in specially protected natural areas and in anthropogenic disturbed habitats in the Middle and Southern Urals, Assessment of the biological diversity of the Iremel mountain range, and also examined the role of the study of natural monuments in the development of environmental culture, the formation of environmental thinking and science education of youth.

Section «Protected Areas and Natural Science Museums"Began with a lecture of the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vice President of the Russian Geographical Society A.A.. Chibileva "Reserved Russia: the origins, modernity, future: view of the geographer. The lecture analyzed the difficult and polysyllabic history of the formation of the country's protected network. On the example of B.V. projects. Dokuchaev, F.E. Falz-Feina, VV. Alekhine, as well as environmental commissions of regional departments of the Russian Geographical Society, different scenarios of the formation and functioning of protected areas are considered.

The section reports addressed issues of museology.: the history of the formation of the zoological collection of the Perm Museum of Local Lore, its unique exhibits and current status; ways of forming partnerships between museums and schools as the basis for the development of students' creative and scientific interests.

The conference organizing committee thanks all the participants in the online meeting!

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