Online meeting of the XXVI youth scientific school “Metallogeny of ancient and modern oceans – 2020. Critical Metals in Ore Forming Systems

22 April 2020 g. took place the first in the continuous 26-year history of the youth scientific school "Metallogeny of Ancient and Modern Oceans – 2020. Critical metals in ore-forming systems»Online meeting. His program included 18 reports, some of which were made, using a Skype call, and some of the speakers sent pre-voiced presentations or videos of speeches. The broadcast was available on the Internet at the School's website. Due to different time zones, the program was conditionally divided into "Siberian", "Ural" and "European" blocks.

By tradition of the School, the meeting was opened by the Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences VV. Maslennikov, using a Skype call.

Block of "Siberian" reports opened by Ph.D.. E.V. Kislov (GIN WITH EARLY, g. Ulan-Ude) on the topic “Yoko-Dovyrensky massif, Northern Baikal region: chromitites of metasomatic origin ". The petrogenesis of ultrabasic-basic massifs of Transbaikalia was considered in the report of Ph.D.. R.A. Badmatsyrenova (GIN WITH EARLY, g. Ulan-Ude) in collaboration with students of the Buryat State University B.E.. Budaev and B.V. Bazarov. Research engineer AN. Devyatiarova (scientific director of DG and Mathematics. E.V. Falcon, IGM with early, g. Novosibirsk) presented the results of the study of sulfides from spurrite marbles on the river. Nomadic (pool p. Podkamennoy Tunguski). Junior Researcher AN. Nekipelova (scientific director of DG and Mathematics. E.V. Falcon, IGM with early, g. Novosibirsk) reviewed REE + Y characteristics and conditions for the formation of authigenic phosphates Fe2 + and Ca – Fe2 + from the Kerch iron ores.

Block of "Ural" reports opened the lecture by Corresponding Member. RAS VV. Maslennikov (IMIN YU FNC MIG URO RAN, g. Miass) on the distribution of high-tech elements in black smokers. D.G.-M.N.. D.E. Savelyev (IG UFIC RAN, g. Ufa) in his report considered the microstructural features of chromitites of the Kraka massif according to the results of studying by the method of backscattered electron diffraction. Junior Researcher E.A. Pankrushina (scientific advisor acad. S.L. Votyakov, IgG Uro RAN, g. Yekaterinburg) presented a method for determining the salinity of fluid inclusions using Raman spectroscopy data. Bashkir State University students (g. Ufa) under the leadership of Ph.D.. AV. Snacheva (IG UFIC RAN, g. Ufa) presented the results of work on the Golinkie Gorki gold ore occurrence (Southern Urals) (rapporteur K.R. Nurieva) and on the occurrence of carbonaceous shales of the "Betrinskaya" suite (Southern Urals) (rapporteur R.R. Islamov). The mineral composition of the host rocks of the Ugakhan gold ore deposit in the Bodaibo ore region was considered in the report of a student of the South Ural State University (branch in. Miass) E.V. Safina (scientific adviser Ph.D.. N. R. Ayupova).

Block of "European" reports opened a lecture by Ph.D.. O.Yu.. Plotinskaya (IGEM RAN, g. Moscow) on typomorphism of molybdenite of copper-porphyry deposits of the Urals. Student of Voronezh State University SA. Blinova (g. Voronezh) presented the report "Accessory mineralization of granitoids of the Dakhovsky crystalline massif (Republic of Adygea) (scientific adviser Ph.D.. O.G. Reznikova). K.Kh.n. VV. Shilovskikh (St. Petersburg State University, g. St. Petersburg) considered the possibilities of the method of diffraction of back-scattered electrons for the study of mineral matter. Last five talks, associated with the geology of the Urals, were represented by students and postgraduates of the Mining University (g. St. Petersburg) under the guidance of Dr.G.M.. AV. Kozlov. VV. Михайлов showed the relationship between copper-noble metal mineralization and geochemical features of amphibole gabbro in the Serebryansky Kamen massif in the Northern Urals. AND A. Kuzmin revealed the connection between the processes of Pt concentration with the structural and material features of dunites on the example of zonal clinopyroxenite-dunite massifs of the Urals. A.K. Kozin showed the features of the mineral composition of concentrates from gold placers, associated with massifs of alpine-type hyperbasites in the South Urals. Conditions for the formation of placer-forming systems, associated with clinopyroxenite-dunite massifs of the Middle Urals, were considered R, S. Palamarchuk. G.E.. Ratkovsky presented the results of studying the accessory mineralization and geochemical features of the pegmatite veins of the Svetlinsky pegmatite field, Southern Urals.

In parallel with the broadcast, a "live" chat was organized to discuss reports and answer questions. Live broadcasting was very popular., what are the connections talking about 173 unique IP addresses and more 270 site access.

The Organizing Committee of the School-2020 thanks all participants of the online meeting and looks forward to a face-to-face meeting in 2021 g.

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