Joint webinar from Clarivate Analytics and Anti-plagiarism

We invite you to participate in the free webinar from Clarivate and Anti-plagiarism "Ethics of scientific publications and tools to improve their quality: Web of Science and Antipaglia ». Webinar Date: 24 April 2020 of the year (Friday). ATTENTION! The webinar is scheduled for 10:00 (GMT+3) and repeat in 14:00 (GMT+3). You are welcome, choose that webinar, which is optimal for you in time:

  • 10:00-12:00, check in link
  • 14:00-16:00, check in link

Free participation, a certificate is issued to each participant. During 2 one-hour free webinar, two reports will be heard:

1. «Scientific journals: good, bad and predatory». Speaker: Valentin Bogorov, Head of Education, Clarivate Analytics.

The relevance of the ethics of scientific publications at the present stage of development of scientific communications. Quality criteria for scientific journals Web of Science Core Collection. Selection and monitoring of scientific journals. Compliance with the ethical standards of scientific publications as a key criterion for the quality of scientific journals. Where are the most influential scientific articles in your academic field published? Paid and Free Magazines for Authors. Selection and monitoring of scientific journals in the Russian Science Citation Index. Review role (retraction) publications as an essential mechanism to support ethical standards in science. The practice of retrigging scientific articles - Web of Science Core Collection dataset analysis.

2. «Antiplagiarism: how to turn a problem into an assistant»Speaker: Yuri Chekhovich, Ph.D., Executive Director of Antiplagiarism.

Over the past few years, borrowing detection systems (or, as many say, “anti-plagiarism systems”) become a familiar part of the scientific publishing landscape. Moreover, the interaction with such systems is most often considered by the authors., and editors like risks and inconveniences. In the same time, borrowing detection system can and should be a loyal assistant to the editor. The presentation will be considered: how to build an author, not to be afraid of borrowing checks, how should the editor work be organized, to and protect the magazine, and do not scare bona fide authors.

For participation in the webinar, please contact:
Olga Belenkaya,
wire: +7 (495) 223- 23-84 ext. 106 methodology @
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