From the memoirs of T.P.. Nishanbaeva

From the memoirs of Tursina Prnazorovich Nishanbaeva (1955-2017)*

... I have long been asked to tell a story, which began in my youth and through, about 30 years old, ended with the discovery of a new mineral polekovita. In this story, Polyakov Vladislav Olegovich played a key role. truth, not he alone.

Year 1967. reserve. To me 12 years old. we, reserved boys, loved zircons. The elders spoke, that during the war a matchbox of zircons was taken at a reception point in Miass for one military ruble and this was considered a decent amount. But for us it was not about price – in our time, no one took zircons, – but in, that zircon crystals themselves attracted some kind of magical magical power. We often disappeared in the mines (secretly) looking for zircon crystals, and each of us’s dream was hyacinth. We really did not imagine this hyacinth, what is he like, but the sonorous name fascinated us, and we competed in search of honey tea crystals. Sometimes lucky. Especially on copy no 4, what's on peat. Now there is a border, and before the war and in the war there was an elementary school, where the reserved children studied until the fourth grade. My mother and her sisters finished. Then. And I found such a hyacinth in the mine next to this school! All the boys were jealous. Even the lucky Serge Hot.

Need to say, that any reserved boy knew, least, with a dozen local minerals: amazonite, quartz, zircon, ilmenite, nepheline, sfen, apatite, aquamarine, topaz, cancrinite, cherry, sodalite etc. Someone even knew Samarskite or something else. Title only, of course. And the granite I knew in the Reserve, looks like, every baby. Fersman School! Everyone in the house had at least some tiny collection of our Ilmen minerals..

The order in the Reserve at that time was different. Strict. Us, to the boys, it was forbidden to enter the forest without the need, even within the village - the forest along the road from the village to the "24 Houses", Zavaritsky's houses, was fenced off with a wooden fence. Flat. Painted. God forbid, someone goes over the fence and breaks the bird's life - you won’t get sin. But there were places, where it was not particularly forbidden to go. One such place was the Veal Corral on the other side of the Peat Bog and next to it Ozerko on the Cheremshanka River. At Ozerka we loved fishing. With the permission of adults, of course. Asked permission or the kindest, but in appearance, very strict Yuri Prokopevich Zapevalov - security guard of the Reserve, or Zharkikh Alexander Pavlovich - the head of the forest department of the Reserve. Sometimes they didn’t ask. Or ask once, and go a few times. There were children's tricks.

so, 1967 year. Summer. We are me, my cousin Sanya Timonov, friends: Serge Hot, Vovka Muranov and, like, Sanya Galkin went fishing for Ozerko. Crossed the swamp, We reached the Veal Corral and walked along the path towards Ozerka through the ditches, dug by geologists - in 1962 the year of Bogomolov.(?) did the shooting here. Geological. The ditches were still fresh and had to be jumped over.. Sometimes we looked into them, but found nothing particularly interesting. I was always nauseous on Veal Corral and I tried to get through it faster. Zircons, which we were obsessed with, in the ditches was not. And at that time Serega Zharkikh from the wall of the ditch, time, and took out a small flat sample of seven to eight centimeters with a crystal in the middle of an amphibole aggregate cake, sort of like zircon, centimeter and a half. By our standards, it was a large zircon. But everyone did not like this zircon at once - it had three or four faces on it, not very smooth, hilly. And the shine was too fat for zircon. And the color is not bad, almost hyacinth. Everyone took turns spinning a pebble, grimaced. And to me, he immediately sunk into something. Look, Serge Hot: take-not take, maybe throw it away? I’m this flat sample with zircon from Seryoga, in a hurry, and begged. Seryoga without regret gave it to me.

At that time I was just starting to collect my first collection of minerals. Central to my collection were rock crystal samples from Nepryakhino from Crystal Hill, that on the edge of the village - he got. I haven’t had wonderful zircons yet. And I put Seregin a sample next to the non-affinity crystal. My mom, Timonova Ekaterina Timofeevna, she knew a lot about local minerals - and she cleaned the mines with my grandfather Timothy before the war, and elder sister Antonina helped guided tours of the mines and to the fire tower - then it was the responsibility of the Reserve: educate and respect mineralogy. Oh, how mom did not like this Seryogin zircon: throw him out, it is not zircon, she told me right away! I argued, that zircon did not throw a flat sample.

Mom regularly threw out part of my growing collection. Once a year. Average. When the window sill in the house was already packed. And when I was gone. Leave at its discretion the best, and put everything else in a bucket and poured it into the garden. From the edge of the garden. Everytime, in each of its revisions, Seregin Zircon went into the bucket. Every time after the audit, I went in search of a discarded collection in the garden, found a bunch of his mineralogical "trash", conducted its audit and some samples returned back to the house. Including, for some reason, necessarily Seregin Zircon. Last time mom threw this sample, when I served in the army. While I served, my brother Yurka dragged wonderful azurites from Uchalov from the Molodezhnoye field - then stripping operations were carried out there, and Yurka got there to field work with the Popovs: Vladimir Anatolyevich and Valentina Ivanovna. What were azurites!

And before the army, I showed a cake with zircon to Vasily Antonovich Dmitriev - my first teacher, grinding master, connoisseur of zircons and ilmen mines. Vasily Antonovich studied the manufacture of thin sections with Medvedev, and he was taught by A.E.. Fersman. Vasily Antonovich twisted the sample and delivered his strict verdict: similar and not similar. Showed a sample to Hera Romanov, our reserved hitnik fartsovoy. Lucky him: on 179 mined such zircons mined! And on 118 Mine took such cherry - fantastic! There is still no such thing in the museum. Ivan Davydovich Petrakov, with whom they 118 the mine was cleaned with tears drenched with envy, telling how lucky Goshka Romanov. But Gosha definitely didn’t tell me: zircon or not. Not a good connoisseur.

I returned from the army in December 1975 years married, daughter Anastasia was already six months. Look, in place of Sereginy zircon on my whatnot in a house in the house are azurites and azurites of Uchalinsky! handsomely, you will not say anything, and zircon is not on the cake! Okay. It was a pity somehow. Spring has come 1976 of the year. Digging a garden with his wife Tatyana. Under the potato. Thought overwhelms: somewhere must lie my mineralogical "trash", thrown out by mom, and there should be Serygin zircon. I came across the "trash". Easily found a zircon cake in it.. And thinking: Well, that's how much this zircon cake follows me? Long! And what's so big about her, that I can’t get rid of this crystal for many years? Well, Yes, something in this zircon is not right: and similar and not like zircon. That is all my doubts. And so that they were not, I think, I’ll throw him far away. Near the garden there was our drovnik shed. A small window was inserted above the door to the barn.. Glazed. I tell my wife: that’s an infection, almost ten years zircon hanging over the soul, or not. I'll throw him away. Do you want, I say, with a U-turn, without aiming, I’ll get into that window in the barn: Well, don't throw away so easy, at least some, at least it will bring harmful benefits. One side. And on the other, I’ll fill my eye on accuracy - you look, useful in the future. Where - I don't know. But just in case. Wife pouting: hooliganism. Well, okay, I say, throw in the other direction. He got his back to the barn with a window, swung at full strength, to transfer across the house to the other side. And now the hand movement has already gone, and in my head a thought: zircon or not, did not understand! At the last moment, throwing a cake into the sky, I twisted it with my index finger so, so she boomerang flew back to me. It is seen, someone else twisted it, besides me, because, when the tortilla soared up above the house, momentarily froze at the highest point and rushed back in an arc, i already knew, that a small window in our barn came "kirdyk". And so it happened.. Tink, and there is no glass in the barn. Wife pouting: you calculated everything on purpose, to knock out the window in the barn. Like this, I think, from one stroke two troubles: and no glass, and wife sulking. Here's a damn zircon cake! I managed to beg her from Seryoga.

The barn was almost full of firewood.. I didn’t even get into the barn to look for a zircon cake: she is lost. With firewood, what was in the barn, hard to name. These were chopped core cores where the core was put by Vladimir Mikhailov., even when I was drilling hyperbasitic arrays in Nyashevka in the 60s. I cleaned boxes in due time on poverty, scored with this half-rot barn, and drowned with freshly prepared firewood. therefore, when they gave us the Green House at the pond, in the nature reserve, and the Kozhevnikovs drove into our apartment, I gladly presented my “firewood” to Nikolai Kozhevnikov. Together with the barn. is he, not looking for firewood, very happy, but, having considered, asked me to take firewood with me wherever. And so that I fail with them. I rested and shoved firewood to Nikolay in every possible way, but unsuccessfully. Therefore in the spring 1976 years climbed into the barn to take out the so-called firewood. I feel: somewhere she should be here, this is already a native cake with zircon. I will find, I will not find? "Firewood" exported, swept the floor. No cakes with zircon. Evaporated, whether? And joyful and sorry. I went already from the barn and saw her dear and distressed - lies on a workbench. And I was waiting for her on the floor. Took and think: what's next? Then the thought came to me: to get rid, need to give it! To? Yes, Glory to Polyakov!

Glory Polyakov came to us in the Reserve for distribution in 1973 year from Novosibirsk. The glory immediately struck us with its knowledge of the mines and minerals of the Ilmen mountains. Well, First of all, it turned out, that he is Chelyabinsk, but, Secondly, another year in 1964 himself or with his father Oleg Leonidovich went around almost all the mines of the Reserve. The eye was a diamond: pick up a sample, licks it properly, peers and says - columbite from Blyumovskoy mine. Right. Will take another sample, time it - thumpaz (so he often called topaz in the old artisanal manner) with Lobachevsky mines. Oh you, right. He was able to do everything, and repair everything, anything: X-ray equipment - please, microscopes, cameras of any brands - please, washing machines, refrigerators, "Bicycles-bicycles" - also please. And it was trouble-free in this. Therefore, always on his table interspersed with samples were parts from microscopes, cameras, reels from refrigerators and washing machines. You look at the table - the mess is full, it seems. Everything, and me including, they thought so until one day I decided to bring Slava Polyakov to order on the table. Delayed after work, parsed everything in heaps, yes jars, rubbed the table. And even Zeiss binocular. I go to work in the morning, and our laboratory was located in the old museum, almost pradiculously in my soul - here Glory will be surprised and rejoice in order! I still lingered a little, to go to the laboratory and hear the words of gratitude from the doorway, instead of walking around a clean table and not waiting, when the glory comes to work. I go in and hear almost swear words. Enraged Glory pounces on me: you put a mess on my table? I mumbled something like that, that on the contrary put things in order, and cleanliness too. At the same time. Oh god, what was there: I can not find anything, where is such a little thing from the camera of Alfred Georgievich Bazhenov, which I repair the second month, here among my crumbs was a two-millimeter phenakite from the 60th mine for research. Where is all this? I was ready to fall through the ground and after this incident I never again messed up on the Slavin table.

And it was on these days that I brought glory to this ill-fated example. You know, I say, Glory, here is some strange zircon with a powerful greasy shine from the Veal Corral. He is right there for me: on the Veal Corral zircons can not be, because, what can never be! A-priory. Okay, I think. A few days passed. Glory to me: where did you get this sample? On the Veal Corral, Serge Zharkikh found and gave me a present. And what? This is not zircon, is talking, he is me. This is monazite.! Where did you get it? On the Veal Corral in the Bogomolovskaya Ditch. Can not be, he tells me again. There are no zircons, us, especially, there can be no monocytes! Prove it, what's from there. I speak, almost ten years have passed, maybe there’s nothing left. Prove it all. I think so, task. And he himself was puzzled: there was not?

April. Here, vaccines against encephalitis began to be put in front of the field - they were not allowed to enter the field. And put them our legendary, by education a simple paramedic, and in life and respect, the great doctor and doctor Mukhin Boris Grigorievich. In our medical center on the edge of the village. Small house, wooden, neat. You go to the reception, and there is a picture with a winter landscape: house in the forest, the window glows, and roe deer around with curiosity so they look at the house from behind the pines. And all in the snow. Beauty is indescribable! truth, no artistry. The proportions in the picture are all broken. But beautiful and memorable. That picture still stands before my eyes. And always the turn to Boris Grigoryevich. Of women. From all over the USSR. Something he knew and was able, that they came to him from Leningrad, and from Irkutsk, and Vladivostok. Took the line for Lyudmila Fedorovna Bazhenova. We have a separate line for vaccination. I stand. The line barely moves. I speak to Lyudmila Fedorovna: while the line is moving, drove to the Calf Corral, monazite must be found for Glory. On bicycle. Then it was our most popular transport..

He drove to the Calf pen. Went down the ditch, remembering, where they found that cake already with monazite. Be it not ok! Like here, not like here, but it seems there. Here, like, and found that place. Frantically picking a wall with a stick. Easy to understand. Tremolite pours. I don’t see monazites. Here is something black slept, similar to coal. Took, looked, I see something chevkinitist in it. By shine, after school, but differs from our classic Chevkinite in a little brilliance and chip. And I have an internal allergy to everything rare-rare-earth. I pick up a Samarskite, eschinitis or chevkinitis - the palm burns, with orthitis (allanita) dope comes, losing space, nauseous and appetite for some reason played out. I'm not lying, by golly! Chevkinitisty ne beru. I pick further - hop! Something monazcisty got enough sleep. I put it in a test bag - they always were with me - and back to the medical center: turn, probably, already approached. I speak to Lyudmila Fedorovna: I found this same monazite for Glory Polyakov. Showed her. Large samples, to 2 centimeters shards. shine, truth, some poor, there is not enough fat for monazite. Yes, you never know what happens, I think. The main thing - found. There is evidence.

Lyudmila Fedorovna asked one piece for a qualitative response to phosphorus for the diagnosis of monazite. Gave. I will call, is talking, in couple of hours, when the reaction takes place. I feel good: little of, I have found, there will also be a reaction. I arrived in the laboratory and am silent, what found monazite, so much more, what hoo! I'm not showing anything to anyone. Two or three hours pass, Lyudmila Fedorovna calls and speaks: negative reaction to phosphorus! I.e, no phosphorus! I feel sick. I dumped my “monazites” onto the table to Slava Polyakova and I say: here they are, but there is no phosphorus - Lyudmila Fedorovna identified. Wrong, it turns out, throughout the program. Longing and shame. Glory Polyakov analyzed that, what I brought was chondrodite. Not monazite, not zircon, and the banal and unknown until that time in Ilmen chondrodite.

At that time Zhdanov Volodya was already working in our laboratory, Vladimir Fedorovich, how we often addressed him out of respect. Pure physicist, of Education, watched the devices, but, like every Ural native, nourished interest in minerals. Man he was quiet, spoke quietly, rarely, but a bullseye, what is called. Loved jokes, but absolutely did not remember them. Wanted to how much. He went to the field with us. I liked it and that, and other, because when we went out with him a couple on a route in the morning, usually, not enough sleep, I, to cheer him up, told him any of the countless, known by me, jokes and he laughed until you drop, finally woke up and the day began cheerfully and cheerfully. At lunch, when we were already tired a bit of work, I told him the same joke again. He chuckled again and so on until you drop. In the evening before going to bed, he listened to the same joke again and I already laughed with him and over him. Worked fun.

There is a question in the laboratory with this zircon monazite., which turned out to be chondroditis. Fun wrapped up the case. I was no longer happy with the whole story. Then Volodya Zhdanov and asks me: Where is that place? I outlined to him. He went and brought among other things, the same chevkinite, from which it burns me. Glory rushed to "deal" with him and, op-pa! Something interesting! Polyakova, turned out to be.

Like this, with a light hand Seryoga Zharkikh found in Ilmen chondrodite, and a new mineral was discovered - Polyakova**.

Now this is Mine No. 97. The most wonderful polarovite crystal, which I managed to see, was found by Sergey Kolisnichenko with young geologists in length 13 centimeters. Monazite also found. And the wonderful eschinites. And much more. And generally speaking, body (geological) turned out to be carbonatite. Miracles solve!


* Saved style, spelling and punctuation.

** For more information on Pole see. in the monograph of V.A.. and VI. Popov “Mineralogy of pegmatites of the Ilmensky mountains”, 2005, c. 114.

Additional photos, provided by C.V.. Kolisnichenko and from the archive of Imin:

Polyakova. Crystal 15x15x10 cm. One of the exploratory ditches in Mine No. 97. Work 2019 of the year
Tursyn Prnazorovich Nishanbaev at work Members of the Ilmen expedition; Pavel Erisov - student (g. Kopeysk); Valery Mayorov - student of UGAA (g. Gelendzhik); Nikita Odnoshevin - student (Sverdlovsk region); Kirill Zakharov - student of MGRK (g. Chelyabinsk); Yuri Vilyachkin - student (g. Chelyabinsk)

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