To the participants of the School “Metallogeny of Ancient and Modern Oceans – 2020”

Dear participants of the School 2020!

The organizing committee plans to conduct an online meeting of the School 22 April 2020 g. (tentatively beginning in 11-00 by Moscow time, time will be specified after receiving all applications). Those who want to submit their reports for discussion can do this, using one of the following options (with any option, you should send a presentation in ppt format to the address of the school):
1. Send a video presentation and presentation to the Organizing Committee. We will organize their demonstration in online mode on the http site://
2. Read the report in real time, using Skype. It will be necessary to make a video call to the school address in Skype Metal-School. The report will be broadcast in real time..
3. Read the report in real time, using the Metallogeny group of ancient and modern oceans in the VKontakte network. In this case, you can make a video call to school address in VK group. The report will be broadcast in real time..
4. The reports can be discussed online using chats on the School and VK website..
Applications and presentations must be sent before 19 April, so that we can make a program, which will depend on the number and geography of applications sent.
The School’s online meeting program will be sent to participants by 21 April.
Online version collection is available at = 120.

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