South Urals Federal Research Center of Mineralogy and Geoecology of the Urals Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

About Modifying the RSCI Log List

A working group on the quality assessment and selection of journals in RSCI on the Web of Science platform completed monitoring the quality of journals and making changes to the list of RSCI journals. The following journals were reviewed:

  • Magazines, filed up 15 October 2019 years initiative applications for inclusion in the RSCI (Total 237)
  • Magazines, submitted by the monitoring group for exclusion from the RSCI for possible violations of scientific and publishing ethics (Total 100)
  • Magazines, violating the RSCI (timely submission of metadata to the RSCI database (lack of magazine issue metadata for 2019 year and earlier). Total 41 Journal.
  • Thematic series of the journal "Reports of the Academy of Sciences", which starting 2020 years published in the following independent journals:

    – Reports of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Mathematics, computer science, management processes
    – Reports of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Life sciences
    – Reports of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Earth sciences
    – Reports of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Physics, Technical science
    – Reports of the Russian Academy of Sciences. chemistry, material science

The decision to include / exclude the journal in the RSCI was made by the Working Group in accordance with the conclusions of thematic expert councils, obtained on the basis of analysis and generalization of the following information:

  • formal journal indicators;
  • journal bibliometric indicators;
  • public examination of journals by leading Russian scientists;
  • evaluation results of magazines by experts in the main thematic areas;
  • information on unfair practices in the activities of magazines, related to violation of scientific and publishing ethics.

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