New mineral Nishanbaevit (Nishanbaevite) (K,Na)Al2O(AsO4)(SO4)

Detailed study of a unique mineralogical object - active fumarole fields of the active Tolbachik volcano in Kamchatka, conducted by the research group of the Geological Faculty of Moscow State University named after M.V.. Lomonosov in collaboration with colleagues from the Institute of Earth Sciences, St. Petersburg State University, Mineralogical Museum named after A. E. Fersman RAS and Institute of Volcanology and Seismology FEB RAS, allowed to open in 2019 five new minerals, which have many interesting features…

One of the new minerals is named after our colleague Nishanbaeva Tursyna Prnazorovich:

Нишанбаевит (Nishanbaevite) (K,Na)Al2THE(AsO4)(SO4) has a unique crystalline structure. In addition to a clear ordering of tetrahedral anionic groups (AsO4) and (SO4), this mineral is interesting in, that large alkali metal cations in its structure form a chain motif, suggesting that the mineral has a useful property - ionic conductivity…

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