School participants "Metallogeny of ancient and modern oceans - 2020"

Dear participants of the School 2020!

In this situation, the threat of the spread of the coronavirus and the need to comply with anti-epidemic regime, Organizing Committee of the School of 2020 made the only possible decision - to move full-time holding of Schools in the Internet space. Not for razu 26 years of school is not disrupted, but objective circumstances do not add up in our favor this year, as the Organizing Committee deeply regrets.
Proceedings of the School of 2020 will be issued on time (to 20 April 2020 city), posted at School, (later - in the database RINTS) and sent to all registered participants of the Russian Post.
Given at our more, than 15 years of experience in live broadcasts of performances, We plan to organize an online lectures and presentations with discussion. On the form and time online meetings, as well as the technical possibilities and requirements we will inform later as an upgrade.
Everything, who has the ability and desire to participate in the webcast, can prepare their reports in the form of video presentations and pp-presentations and send them to us for the early posting on the site School.
We sincerely hope, School participants, your loved ones, colleagues and friends will cherish health, and we'll see you in 2021 g. c d. Miass.

Best wishes,
Organizing Committee of the School 2020

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