New mineral Zaykova (ZAYKOVITE) Rh3Se4

New mineral Zaykova (ZAYKOVITE) Rh3I know4, named in honor of our colleague, Professor, doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences Victor Vladimirovich Zaykova (1938-2017) approved by the Commission on New Minerals 3 Martha 2020 g. Under the number 2019-084. The mineral forms fine inclusions in the grains of native platinum gold Kazan placers (Chelyabinsk region.). It was originally discovered in the Institute of Mineralogy V.V.Zaykovym in polished preform and analyzed V.A.Kotlyarovym, The unusually high selenium content in the. Thanks to the collaboration of scientists USP FNTS MiG UB RAS (E.V.Belogub, V.A.Kotlyarov, E.V.Zaykova), to obtain data on the chemical composition, morphology, optical and chemical properties of minerals, with the St. Petersburg State University studied the mineral structure by electron and X-ray diffraction (V.V.Shilovskih, S.N.Britvin). Microprobe analysis was performed L.A.Pautovym in the Mineralogical Museum of. Fersman Academy of Sciences in Moscow. Thus, collective joint efforts of various scientific institutions of RAS added to the list of natural mineral form of the platinum group elements new mineral views.


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