First Youth Scientific and Educational Conference TSNIGRI

19 – 21 February 2020 at FGBU "TSNIGRI" was held first youth scientific and educational conference "Mineral resources base of the diamond, precious and non-ferrous metals - from the forecast for production ".

The conference started with a welcoming speech AA. Germahanov - Head of Rosnedra affairs. As a gift, he handed to the Director FGBU "TSNIGRI" AI. Black banner of the Federal Agency for Subsoil Use.

The conference gave lectures leading experts of academic and branch institutes. His experience and knowledge sharing: Doctor of sciences, Corr. RAS, professor NA. Goryachev (Chief Researcher NEISRI FEB RAS, Magadan), KG and Mathematics. IY. Melekesceva (the head of a separate division Institute of Mineralogy USP FNTS MiG UB RAS), KG and Mathematics. CB. Cherkasov (Director of GGM im. V.I. RAS Vernadsky), Doctor of sciences, Corr. RAS VA. Petrov (Director IGEM RAN), DG and Mathematics., Academician Reen A.I. Ivanov (supervisor of FGBU "TSNIGRI"). Organizers of the event expressed gratitude to give a lecture and participate in the conference.

The conference was attended by young scientists and specialists of research and industrial organizations, as well as undergraduate and graduate students, who made oral and poster presentations. Half of the reports presented to the guests of the conference - the staff of Moscow State University. MV. Lomonosov, SFU, MGRI, Mrs., VSEGEI, IGEM, Institute of the Earth's crust, PMGRE, SUE "Ecosystem", enterprises of JSC "Rosgeologiya", Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Sudan. When discussing the reports were made answers to questions, interesting to geologists of all ages.

At the close of the conference were summed up the results of its work and awarded prizes for the best reports. The conference became a platform for exchange of experience between scientists and experts from different generations, working in the field of geology of solid minerals, and laid the foundation for future joint scientific work and collaboration in such events. Link to source

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