Unforgettable experience of communion with pristine nature and interesting people to "post" the head of the Museum of the Ilmen Reserve with 1963 by 1969 years

On the 100th anniversary of the Ilmen Reserve

Margarita V. Lagutin
candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences
g. Yekaterinburg

There is a paradise on earth, which is called Ilmeny
God made them, and people found,
Only in Ilmen mountains lie
All Earth Minerals!
Peace acquire here the birds and beasts,
Plants grow wild,
The lakes are rich in a huge fish,
And good people all,
As if his, cherish!

I was born in Miass 1938 year. She graduated from Sverdlovsk Mining Institute, He worked in the Far East, and 1963 he returned to his small home. While the building of the museum and the geological department were as follows:


At the same time a large number of museum visitors - tourists from nearby resorts and rest homes , as well as from different regions of our country

and because rubezha- was a large number of students of geological specialties,

that had to work outside the museum - in the mines. I had the idea to hold in ilmenite-Union meeting of young geologists. For organizing and hosting it in 1964. Geological Committee of the Soviet Union gave me a badge "Excellence in prospecting for mineral resources".

At the invitation of the All-Union Television 2 November 1966. I performed live with the story of the mineral wealth and fauna of Ilmen Reserve, while answering numerous questions viewers.

I also constantly published materials about the ilmenite in the newspaper "Miass Worker" questions to readers, the responses to which were held competitions.

Much has been done to improve the organization of visits to the museum, in particular, tape-recorded lecture, which visitors listened to sitting on the benches outside the museum, and then examined museum collections.

While working in the museum, I was surprised, that it does not reflect the academic activities (world-renowned) Alexander Fersman, who lived and worked during the war in the Ilmen Reserve. I am convinced of the reserve administration and went on a business trip to Moscow to his wife Catherine Matveyevna Fersman. As a result, communication with it has received interesting materials (photos and memories), on the basis of which was decorated with a stand in the geological department of the invited me Honored Artist Nikolsky Evhen (who later made similar design works in the geological and zoological museum departments). Correspondence to Catherine Matveevna and chat with her continued with 1966 by 1980 g. She was very happy, about their life and work in ilmenite remember.

I remember many meetings with interesting and famous people, especially with the actress Tatyana Samoilova, which then appeared in the film "Anna Karenina".

While the scientific work in the Ilmen Reserve oversaw the Institute of Geology and Geochemistry UB RAS, so we were delighted to frequent visits of Director of the Institute Academician Lev Nikolayevich Ovchinnikov.

AT 1968-1969 years, work began on the design of the new museum building. My idea of ​​transferring the monument to Vladimir Lenin from the entrance to the reserve for the new building of the museum was offered the director of the reserve Spiridonov VG. and implemented.

Sometimes for a day at the museum had several hundred visitors and book reviews appear very many emotions and enthusiastic impressions.

Working and living conditions were not easy in those years: Museum building was not heated (since it was a former fire) I had to work in the winter in boots and winter clothes. The museum had only two employees – all the work (lectures, visit Koppel, design works, etc.) carried me, and with stories about children and ilmenite travelers helped the woman teacher education – Serafima Petrovna Linnikova, with a great and noble soul, with stunning open to the people and a thorough knowledge of the natural wealth of the Ilmen Mountains. They lived in wooden houses, without any amenities, I worked one store, which were mostly soda and bread. Water is brought once a week in the barrel on a horse. Firewood stocked themselves. Transport links with the city of Miass, as now - was not, but most of all weighed heavy responsibility for the safety of the samples in the geological department of the museum, since each sample was the cost, which was recorded in the accounts and the number for me.

It was difficult, but it was a youth and nature, which inspired the then and now:

And all around are still:
Larch needles dropping,
Pine rock peaks,
Birch leaves are whispering,
Lake softly splashes,
The sun is smiling gently,
The wind is whistling in the ears, body touching his fingers.

Memories of veterans to 100-anniversary of the Ilmensky reserve

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