X All-Russian Scientific Conference with international participation "Volcanism, Biosphere and environmental problems "

Conference "Volcanism, Biosphere and environmental problems "devoted to scientific problems: the role of volcanism in the formation of the earth shells, including the biosphere (ecosphere) Earth, as well as global and regional environmental, having great practical importance

Location - boarding house "Lighthouse", P. Shepsi Tuapse district
dates - from 13 by 17 September 2020 of the year

The main themes:
1. Volcanism as a cosmic phenomenon. The role of volcanism in the formation of the outer shells of the Earth: litosferı, hydrosphere, the biosphere and the ecosphere.
2. Volcanism in the Earth's history and modern volcanic activity.
3. Volcanism and the formation of mineral deposits.
4. Volcanoes and living organisms. Problems biovulkanologii and biogeotechnology.
5. Global and regional environmental problems, including seismic hazard.
6. Environmental problems in southern Russia.
7. Pure museum as a scientific and educational centers. History of science.
Scientific outreach.
8. problems of volcanism, biosphere, ecology and history of science in the works of students, undergraduate and graduate students.
9. Other earth, and philosophical questions of life.

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